Fagus Manual


About the Authors

Overview of Fagus

What is Fagus?
Fagus Aims
Who is Fagus For?
Why Use Fagus?
How Can Fagus Be Used in Schools?
Fagus Developmental Areas

About the Fagus Materials

About the Guides
About the Checklists
About the Profiles

How to Use the Fagus Materials

Getting Started – Before You Begin
Using the Developmental Guides to Understand a Child’s Development
Setting Up the Online Checklist Tool
How to Use the Profiles
Setting Goals, Making Plans and Monitoring Progress
Examples of Using the Fagus Materials to Set Goals for Children
Examples of Using the Fagus Materials to Set Targets and Goals to Measure/Track Progress


Appendix 1: Royal Holloway College, University of London, Statement of Endorsement
Appendix 2: A Useful Goal Setting Framework – Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS)